Vegan Wedding Photographers – Bailey and Mitchell

Here at VOW we understand how important it is to find the perfect wedding photographer. The day goes by in a flash, so having photographs that you love will give you the opportunity to relive your wedding over and over. So, I’m excited to soon be listing vegan wedding photographers on the site. One of those listings will be Bailey and Mitchell, who are a husband (Micah) and wife (Emily) duo who specialise in wedding, lifestyle and travel photography. Here they share their style of photography, what might be the benefit of hiring a vegan photographer and why you might want to consider a pre-wedding or engagement shoot.

Can you tell us a bit about you both and what got you in to wedding photography?

Emily: I’ve been working in photography for years since studying my degree, but it wasn’t really until planning our own wedding that I really fell in love with wedding photography. The ability to capture people’s memories and document their day makes me so happy. My husband has always been interested in photography so it seemed only natural to try out working together…and turns out we love it luckily!

Micah: I’ve always been creative and involved in photography, but seeing our own wedding photos and memories translated into images made me more interested in wedding photography and truthfully it seemed like a great thing that we could do together.

Emily: I feel like we have such similar styles and approaches to our work, and we always said we would love to work together one day, so we just thought why not do something we are both passionate about!

How would you describe your photography style and your approach?

Micah: Our approach is pretty relaxed, and our style is documentary based. I’m a sucker for the details of the day and capturing those as so much effort gets put into them in the planning!

Emily: Our style is very natural and raw, we try to keep things relaxed and capture everything as it happens on the day. I love seeing people’s faces, emotions and photographing genuine moments.

What are the advantages of having two wedding photographers?

Emily. Easy…two perspectives! You get to see things that one photographer might have missed, you can see parts of the day from different angles and for instance while one photographer might be shooting the ring exchanges, the other might catch that beautiful shot of someone in the bridal party smiling or even a little tear.

Micah: The way we tend to work it is that one of us spends time with one party in the morning and the other photographer with the other side of the family. That way when you see your photos at the end, you both get to see all the moments you missed in the morning!

What is your favourite and most important parts of the wedding day to capture?

Micah: My favourite part of the day to capture is that moment right after the ceremony when the couple is coming back down the aisle. Everyone is smiling and it’s a beautiful moment to watch and photograph.

Emily: I think for me there are two. My favourite are the couple’s portraits, when we can take the newlyweds away from the hustle and bustle of the ceremony for some time just the two of them and capture their post ceremony bliss! The most important though? Probably the group shots! Weird because they are some of the ones people tend to care less and less about, and often the ones that are the most nightmarish to photograph, but in years to come you really do treasure those images with your family and loved ones who were there on the day to help you celebrate!

Can you tell us about your vegan journey?

Emily: When I met Micah he was already veggie but it took me a little while to catch up! I went vegetarian after I finished University but then started to think more and more about veganism. I dabbled in and out of it, giving up dairy and then ending up consuming it again, and it wasn’t until I tried the Veganuary January challenge that things changed!

Micah: I went vegetarian as a teenager. I’ve always loved animals. When Emily started doing Veganuary she started showing me documentaries and sharing information, I quickly realized it wasn’t enough to be just vegetarian anymore.

Emily: We’ve both really enjoyed moving into a vegan lifestyle. I have loved trying new foods and we cook so much more amazing meals now too! It’s extended beyond food now and we both try and be conscious with our consumption of other goods, clothing and trying to live as ethically as possible.

Why might vegan brides and grooms want to consider sourcing a vegan photographer for their wedding day?

Micah: We don’t just want to take photos of people we want to connect with our couples, that’s when we get the best images of people, so sourcing a vegan photographer might seem redundant but really its about hiring someone you can really connect with, I think the vegan community can be a great place for that, you already have something in common!

Emily: Like Micah said, we like to try and get to know our couples to be able to get the best, most relaxed images, so sourcing someone who you know shares your ethics is great! Plus, we don’t use animal products in our packaging, albums or printing so you’ll receive vegan friendly products from a vegan photographer where you might not otherwise.

What would you advise brides and grooms to discuss with their photographer before the wedding day?

Emily: I think the best thing to do is have a good chat about everything, like I said earlier we make a real effort to get to know our couples as best we can so that they feel comfortable around us on the day. Make sure you talk about any important photos you really want to capture and be honest about any concerns or questions you have!

Micah: We always offer our couples a pre-wedding shoot which I also think is so important. That way we can meet up before the day to talk through the details and answer questions, plus you get a practice run at having your photo taken so you are less nervous on the day!

Is there any other advice you can give to the couple for their big day?

Emily: Relax and take it all in!

Micah: We can both agree on that one, it really does fly over!

Emily: It goes so quickly, so breathe and enjoy the day. Source vendors you really trust and then let them do all of the work on the day so you can just live in the moment!

Emily and Micah also wanted to share with you an amazing sanctuary that they volunteer for based in Yorkshire; Pigs in the Wood you can go and visit and meet some seriously cute looking piggos and learn about the amazing work they do!

Check out some of Bailey and Mitchell's photography work below. You can view more of their images and get in touch through their website, Instagram and Facebook.

Just Love,

Emily x