London Vegan-Friendly Wedding Venues with Canvas-Events

It can be really difficult to know where to begin your wedding venue search. With so many options and perhaps one of the biggest decision you will make on your wedding planning journey, it can start to feel very overwhelming. For many Brides and Grooms, choosing somewhere relatively local helps to narrow down the search but if you are looking to get married in London then you might benefit from checking out Canvas Events, a venue search engine site with 132 options for vegan wedding venues in London. I spoke to Sascha from Canvas-Events who can tell us all about this great website that I hope will be a great help for those of you looking to get married in London.

Thank you for agreeing to chat. Can you tell us a bit about Canvas-Events?

Canvas is a venue finding platform that helps individuals contact unique venues in London directly.

Our venues are perfect for conferencing, product launches, press days, birthdays and of course, weddings!

What led you to setting up the site?

I noticed that, while there are many agencies and services that charge a substantial fee for helping to find a venue, they usually acted as an unnecessary middleman. We’re not an agency and we believe that going direct to the venue gives you the fastest route to pricing and availability. 

Can you tell our readers how the site works? 

You start by filtering venues by either location, or type of event. Then, you can filter using several options such as length of hire, number of guests, catering, and licensing.

What kind of venues do you list and what’s the most unusual type you list?

Our venues include ballrooms, banquet halls, churches, boats, as well as more unusual venues like warehouses and movie theatres. If someone’s thought of renting it out, chances are we’ve got it listed.

Canvas-Events has an option for vegan-friendly venues, what does this mean?

This means that the venue offers full-service catering for those adhering to a vegan diet.

What do vegan Brides and Grooms need to consider when choosing their venue?

Reviews are probably the most important factor. That, and contacting the venue directly to ensure they have a robust vegan menu, and not just one veggie burger option.   

What are your hopes for Canvas-Events in the future?

I’d love for Canvas to become all newly engaged couples’ first stop when choosing a venue for their wedding in London - especially vegan couples!

Is there any other advice you would give to the couple when choosing their venue for their big day?

There are a lot of venues to sift through, but this is going to be one of the most important days of your life. So take your time researching and visiting different venues before booking one.

Thank you Sascha, it's really exciting that Brides and Grooms have a such a simple and free way to search for the perfect wedding venue! Being able to choose criteria like length of hire, number of guests and even specific criteria such as venues that are dog friendly and wheelchair accessibility will make for much easier searching. I really hope ideas like this will spread to the rest of the UK, creating easier searching for all.

Just Love,