Hello from VOW!

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Welcome vegan and vegan curious brides and grooms! I am super excited that you are here to discover VOW and how it might be able to help you to create your ideal and original vegan wedding, one that reflects you as a couple and all that you love and value.

Whether you are newly vegan, partially vegan, dabbling in veganism, raw vegan or plant based vegan or maybe vegan for the animals, your health or the environment or whether your fiancée is a meat eater that you are hoping one day might join you on your vegan journey, VOW is here to guide you along the wedding planning journey.

Veganism is a way of life where we choose wherever practically possible alternatives to food and products that exploits, causes suffering and/or slaughter of all living sentient beings. It was important for my own wedding day to feature incredible vegan food that we had been discovering and wanted to explore other ways we could ‘veganise’ our wedding.

Just like you, I scoured the internet for inspiration, suppliers and answers to a million questions racing through my mind. It didn’t take long to feel overwhelmed with all the different possibilities for every aspect of the day let alone figuring out whether various aspects of the day would tick the vegan box. VOW was born out of a genuine desire to try to make vegan wedding planning easier for you, leaving you more time to enjoy the fun stuff and stress less about figuring out all the details. And this site wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t thanks to the many incredible, influential vegans who had managed to marry up (pun intended!) what they enjoy, whether it’s baking, writing or hairdressing, with their passion for veganism, inspiring me to do the same. Oh and I just love a good wedding.

I would love to know how VOW can be more useful for you and other vegan couples in the future so please get in touch with anything you would like featured, questions you would like answered or general thoughts about VOW. Just click on the Contact link above with anything on your mind, I really do love getting mail! I will always be looking at ways to improve and grow VOW so it can be more helpful and fun to explore. And mostly, I really want you to have the most amazing day and showcase to your family and friends all the awesome vegan food, cakes, dresses, shoes, accessories and more that are available.

Just love, Emily x