Have yourself a Hygge Vegan Wedding

I recently came back from a long weekend in Copenhagen where I discovered the term Hygge, the Danish way to bring you happiness. You may have already heard of Hygge, it came runner up for the word of the year in 2016, but for those of us who aren’t so quick with the times I will try to explain what it means, and how it might relate to weddings. But before I do, just need to say that Copenhagen is an excellent choice for a vegan trip away. We only ate at 100% vegan restaurants, there were plenty of them, and it was all so delicious. We tried the traditional Smørrebrød – an open-faced sandwich, all you can eat pan Asian, pizza, a cheese platter and raw vegan health bowls. They are also much more eco conscious than anywhere I have travelled before. Maybe an option for a honeymoon or minimoon?

Hygge is the art of coziness that promotes wellness and contentment. Winter, rustic themed weddings are the perfect weddings to incorporate hygge, but I think some of these ideas can also be applied to weddings throughout the year with a little bit of creativity. After all, Danes are frequently ranked as the happiest nation and who doesn’t want to have the happiest of weddings?


Turn the lights down, use lamps instead of bright overhead lights, even better use only candlelight. Make sure you choose vegan friendly candles made using soy.


Choose a venue with an indoor fire, or have an outdoor fire that guests can roast marshmallows on. Find vegan marshmallows that don’t contain gelatin. My favourite marshmallows are Dandies, as they are melt perfectly in the middle on the fire. You can get Dandies from The Vegan Kind Supermarket.

Warming Drinks

How about serving your guests hot chocolate, mulled wine or cocktails such as hot vegan buttered rum or coffee with whiskey.

Hearty Meals

Hygge meals are hearty, indulgent and enjoyable. So skip the salads and go for vegan stews, pie and mash or even a spicy curry. Choose foods that are imperfect, perhaps a little messy to eat rather than something fancy or extravagant.

Yummy Treats

Hygge is about enjoying yourself, so serve guests naughty treats like cake, cookies and popcorn!


A hyggekrog is a ‘nook’, a place where you can snuggle up, get comfy and feel relaxed. Create spaces for guests to rest their legs after dancing, somewhere with blankets and cushions and soft lighting.

Dress Hygge

Choose minimalist outfits and don’t forget to layer up to stay warm with a jacket or bolero or shrug. Maybe some thick tights under your dress. The more layers the more hygge. And keep your hair casual too, a hygge wedding doesn’t call for intricate plaits and up-dos, a messy bun, or bed head hair will do the trick.

Decorate with nature

Choose wooden furniture, dot pine cones around tables with leaves, twigs and other foraged items. Use cut offs from tree trunks as cake stands, put freshly picked flowers from your garden in jam jars and ivy wrapped around candles.

Stay Present

Ask your guests to turn off their phones, at least during the ceremony but perhaps throughout the day too. And try to take moments as a couple to step away from the days proceedings to just take in what’s happening around you.

Hygge Honeymoon

Try a logcabin or treehouse!

Hope you enjoyed reading and are inspired to incorporate the art of hygge in to your vegan wedding! Get in touch to let me know your thoughts!

Just love,