Jayde and Westie

1st April 2017

Jayde and Westie looked like they had so much fun celebrating their wedding. I love how they chose to do things in a way that felt right for them and give their attention to all the details that mattered. It's clear through their smiles what an amazing day they had. I hope you enjoy reading.


Jayde and Westie met through mutual friends in their early 20s. After going their separate ways they reconnected when Westie decided to invite Jayde to a beer festival. They got engaged around 5 ½ years later after Jayde proposed under the Northern Lights in Iceland, with a ‘Will you marry me?’ banner and a unique alternative to an engagement ring.  

"Also wrapped in the banner was a pair of customised Ray-Ban’s with Westie on the outside of the arms and “Will you” and “Marry me” printed on the arms. I had also contacted his favourite drummer Richard Hoak, who lives in Philadelphia, via Facebook who sent me a pair of signed drumsticks. Unfortunately, because these had been used at a gig and were splintered, I couldn’t take them with me in my hand luggage but he got them when I got back."

“I had gone to a showing of the Birmingham Royal ballet’s Nutcracker and asked for his Mum’s blessing. Upon our arrival home, she presented me with her great grandmother’s engagement ring.”

Jayde and Westie decided to have an intimate ceremony on 1st April 2017 and then celebrated with all their family and friends a month later, explaining that spreading the wedding out across two days made things a lot less stressful. They decided to marry in St Marys Guildhall in Coventry after Jayde attended a wedding there as a child, and fell in love.

“I thought it was beautiful, hidden away next to the ruins of the old Cathedral. I thought it might be too big, however they have three separate licensed rooms within the venue and the Draper’s room was perfect. It was in central Coventry which meant that it was easily accessible for all our guests and was perfectly placed around the corner form the place we then went on to have our meal at around the corner. This was a cafe bar called Draper’s which has an excellent vegetarian and vegan offering, which is why we decided to go there.”

Jayde walked down the aisle with her Dad to The Beatles - 'Here Comes The Sun'. “If there’s one thing you need to pay attention to it’s the music, make sure you have enough time to do what you want to do and that the music lasts long enough.”

Jayde and Westie celebrated with the rest of their family and friends with a big party on the 6th May 2017.


“The Red Barn - Hoar Park, just outside Nuneaton. This is literally as it says on the tin. We looked at a variety of places, but we’d already decided on our caterers, so we needed a venue that was big enough but would allow us to do our own catering, which wasn't easy for 130ish people. After exhausting all the usual wedding avenues, I read an article, I think in an old wedding magazine which suggested asking a local farmer if you could use his land etc for a marquee. We don't know any farmers, but i was instantly reminded of the barn at Haor Park.”

“The barn was ours to do with as we pleased, which was perfect. However it was exactly what it said on the tin, a barn. it wasnt heated and the electrics were somewhat dubious. However as the night went on and the barn filled with people drinking and dancing, it soon warmed up and the electrics held on all night.”

“The main crux of our two days was to make it reflect us as much as possible. We deliberately chose local suppliers and venues and places that meant a lot to us. Our photographer and wedding band were friends, not to save costs, but to involve them and to make it more special.”


At the party, Jayde and Westie had amazing burgers and hot dogs from The Vegan Grindhouse. “I literally can’t rate these guys highly enough. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. My very dubious meat eating uncle was even seen running up for seconds” (unfortunately The Vegan Grindhouse are currently no longer in business). 

To accessorise Jayde and mother of the bride wore vintage costume brooches, previously owned by her great grandmother, affixed to metal combs. Her earrings were ammonite fossils in silver casing bought by Westie for her birthday the previous year. She also carried a flower and wore a necklace she forged at a Blacksmiths and wore vegan make up by Illamsqua. Westie wore vegan Dr Martens.

“On the evening we had our friends band play and an excellent playlist curated by ourselves. The evening ended with our last dance, rather than first dance song 'Easy' by Faith No More which was a great crowd singalong.”

“Our wedding favours were small knitted hedgehogs. Westie’s mum knitted  over 100 of them following a pattern from the Warwickshire wildlife trust magazine as part of the Help for Hedgehogs movement. They were knitted with acrylic wool. it's really lovely going to people’s houses and seeing them dotted about.”

Jayde decided to get crafty for wedding décor. “We reclaimed some old unused bottles and I painted them with some chalk paint that I had lying about the place. We then bought white roses form a local supermarket at £3 a bunch. I folded over 100 origami hearts and Westies mum made about 10 miles of bunting using old sheets, curtains and duvet covers from charity shops.”

I'd like to end with Jayde's words of wisdom, which we whole heartedly agree with!  

“You don’t have to stick to convention, it’s much more important to have a wedding that you love than one that keeps other people happy. Equally if you want everything to be super traditional then you should, it's your day so go for it.”

Thank you for letting us have a glimpse of your awesome wedding. Wishing you both the happiest times in your future together.

Just love, Emily xxx

Catering - drapersbarandkitchen.co.uk

Accessories - oldfieldforge.co.uk/the-academy/

Makeup - illamasqua.com/shop/vegan.list?search=vegan

Stationary - etsy.com