Cory and Fiona


4th July 2018



Cory and Fiona married in a beautiful home and gardens in Wiltshire that they rented specially for the occasion. Going DIY meant they could individualise all the different elements of their day and meant they could even have a movie playing in the living room for a chill out area! Sounds totally dreamy.

Cory grew up vegetarian and transitioned to veganism whilst studying Ecology at university. Fiona was inspired by Cory and Vegfest.  

Both working as Acrobatic/Ariel performers, they met at a Cabaret in Glasgow. They dated and continued to train together. Fiona proposed to Cory after one of their performances in Helsinki on stage, in front of over 2000 people!


Their wedding was scheduled amongst their busy work commitments, giving them just six months to prepare. 

‘We wanted a fully vegan wedding, and something which would represent us. We had a garden party as we wanted to feel connected to nature, the trees in this house was very magical. We had both wanted to get married under a tree and have a small wedding.  When we realised that in England you mostly have to get married inside, it seemed perfect to have two small weddings, and create our dream wedding on the second day after the legal bit inside on the first day.’

Our wedding was perfect, sunny, house party, huge garden, laughs, love happiness’

‘We are not religious but we did have trouble with some family members due to religion. With some of our family sadly choosing not to attend, but we feel so close to and proud of the amazing people who did come. We are very Proud to be a lesbian wedding, and to call each other ‘my wife’ and that we have had so much love from our friends.'

We had a buffet with a vegan cheese board. ‘Earth and Soul’ for buffet, I Am Nut Ok and Silver Moon for the cheese board.'

'C is for Cake for our wedding cake and vegan mini pecan pies for the coffee. Laura Kenyon (vegan) was our food assistant at the wedding, she made vegan waffles (with vegan cream, fruit and vegan marshmallows…), vegan homemade Samosas and decorated our vegan cake. She also did the brides’ hair!’


‘We had a white 3 tier cake, decorated with flowers. We had them presented on logs of wood which were ethically sourced.’

In addition to their professional photography friends, they also hired Daniel John Cotton Wall, a talented vegan photographer.


‘We were impressed by his previous work and when we found out he was vegan it was perfect that he shot the wedding!’

Flowers were by their friend at Fox Thorn Floral. Choosing sunflowers for a summery and happy look.

Working in the entertainment industry, Cory and Fiona were lucky to have friends and colleagues who entertained guests, performed the ceremony and sung for their first dance.


‘Our 1st dance where we asked all the other couples to join us. Seeing all the love around us; gay, lesbian, straight and friends just having fun was the best part of the day'.

‘We had champagne glasses with the guests names on them,  they were all second hand from someone else’s wedding. After the wedding the guests could take theirs home as their favour. It was great that these could be reused after by the guests.’


‘We asked our friends to do speeches, they were very special to us and the guests.’

Being in love surrounded by love and happiness was overwhelming.  It isn’t that often that people can openly show their love in public, so to see family and our friends so happy was beautiful.’

Thank you to Cory and Fiona for giving us a glimpse into their totally gorgeouos wedding day. I hope you have been inspired by their ideas. I will leave you with their beautifully short and sweet pearl of wisdom. 

‘Enjoy every second of it as the day goes very fast!’

Photographers - Daniel John Cotton Wall

                            Dom Martin

                            Elliot White

Flowers - Fox Thorn Floral

Cake - C is for Cake

Cheese board - I Am Nut Ok

                           Silver Moon Food

Buffett -  Earth Soul Food

Jewellery - Roccabella

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