The heart of Vegan Original Weddings

The Heart of VOW

Vegan Original Weddings believes that weddings are all about the celebration of love, which extends beyond two people who are committing their vow's to each other, to their family, friends and all the incredible animals that live on this planet. 

At the heart of VOW is Compassion, for each and every living being, including ourselves. VOW's aim is to support you to have the best day of your lives, which embraces your values. We also want your day to be original, that tells your unique love story and inspires others, so we are keen to search out new innovative ideas and exciting fun suppliers to share with you.


Founder of Vegan Orginal Weddings

My Journey to VOW

Growing up as a child, I always felt a strong bond with animals. I wanted to protect them as I saw them as vulnerable and would yell at people who chased pigeons or threw rocks at ducks. Yet, eating animals, wearing animals and using animals was very normal. Everyone around me did it, some of my family were making a living from it and I wasn't aware of any alternative. I coped with the uncomfortable cognitive dissonance by simply not thinking about it, which was quite easy to do given no one was bringing it to my attention.


In my twenties, social media arrived and I began to feel uncomfortable with very ordinary images that were being shared. I say ordinary because they were images of events that were commonplace and happening close by. My training as a psychologist taught me how important it is to pay attention to these uncomfortable feelings, and I started to realise I wanted to change and bring my actions more aligned with my values. 


The start of mine and my husband's vegan journey was around the same time we were engaged. We had so much fun planning our wedding, creating a day that represented all that we loved. After our wedding, we went on a vegan cruise and heard from inspiring speakers of the work they had done, I decided I wanted to find a way I could marry up (pun intended!) being vegan with my obsession with weddings.


VOW has started from a small idea and has the potential to grow into something useful for you, and all the loved up couples wanting an amazing wedding day. What you need from VOW and what matters to you is really important to us, get in touch, and connect through the social media pages below to get all the updates. I would love to hear from you.